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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up quick and we've put together a short list of last minute gift ideas for your little ones. This range of books, clothin...

Traveling with Toddlers - Things We've Learned

Hitting the road or the air with little ones isn't for the faint of heart. The memories are absolutely worth the effort though; there is nothing li...

Surviving the Holidays with Little Ones

We're in the thick of holiday mode over here, I swear I can hear "Run, Run Rudolph" blasting in my ears each time I hop in the car to run an errand...

Christmas Books - Our Top Picks

We are always reading over here, it’s definitely a must before bedtime and I never get upset if they want to read more than one book (well...most n...

2019 Stocking Stuffers

We LOVE finding little goodies to fill up our kid's stockings. Honestly, it's tempting to run to the nearest dollar bin and buy a bunch of flashy items to get the job done #easybutton But we really enjoy seeking out little gems that will get a lot of use and not just be tossed to the side once Christmas morning is over. Here's our roundup of items we're loving this year (continued...)

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks to Black Friday weekend, we have a good start on our Christmas shopping and wanted to share some ideas with you. These gifts are best suited for kids age 2-6. Both of us are dialing it back this year since our kids are fortunate enough to get a lot of presents from other family members (continued...)