Christmas Books - Our Top Picks

We are always reading over here, it’s definitely a must before bedtime and I never get upset if they want to read more than one book (well...most nights). I've heard that reading to your child can stimulate their imagination and expand their understanding of the world. So anytime I get a chance to grab some books I am all over it!

Now that we have moved into our new house and are finally settled, I love displaying the kids' books on shelves and try to switch it up for each season and holiday. This roundup for Christmas makes me so giddy! They're whimsical, bright, vibrant and give me warm feelings all around. 

Here are our family's favorites! And just a reminder, I've collected these the last few years, not purchased them all at one time :)


Pick a Pine Tree // The illustrations are so dreamy and it always gets my kids excited to start decorating the tree.

The Night Before Christmas // Such a classic and reminds me of all my childhood excitement for Christmas morning.

The Story of Christmas // It's so easy to get lost in the gifts and goodies and as Christians, we need to emphasis to our kids the reason why we celebrate. This book has the cutest pictures and is easy for both my children to read along with us. 

The Tree That's Meant to Be // I just love the story behind the dreamiest pictures. This is the perfect book to start a conversation with your kids about generosity and kindness.

Silent Night // My kids are having a blast listening to Christmas music and when I found this book, I knew it would be a win! Again, I'm a sucker for a pretty book and at the end, the kids and I like to sing Silent Night at the top of our lungs (hope no one can hear us).

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express // This might be my favorite one on the list! Every page has peek-through pages and flaps and the story is so endearing.


Thanks for sticking around with us during such a busy time of year! We hope you enjoy this list and maybe snag one of our favorites to add to your collection.