Traveling with Toddlers - Things We've Learned

Hitting the road or the air with little ones isn't for the faint of heart. The memories are absolutely worth the effort though; there is nothing like watching your kids experience something brand new or jump in the ocean waves for the first time. So we've put together some of our top tips to make things go a little smoother for everyone. 

Tip #1: Entertainment
Traveling is all about survival mode so headphones are a must-have. Our kids don't get a lot of screen time at home so busting out the iPad to watch a movie feels like a big treat and keeps them quiet, calm and distracted for a solid stretch.

Tip #2: Pack a Surprise (or five..)

Bring along a few new games or little toys that they've never seen before. The surprise factor makes a big difference, something so simple feels like a big deal when they don't know it's coming. We love window clings, magnetic travel games and suckers to help prevent ear popping if you're flying. 

Tip #3 Check Stroller and Car Seats 

Even better, use curbside check-in if your airline offers it! Buy or borrow a travel bag to prevent dings during travel. The less you have to haul through the airport, the better. 

Tip #4 Put Them in Charge of Their Stuff

If your little ones are old enough, give them the responsibility of carrying their own backpack with games, snacks and wipes. It's crazy how quickly your own diaper bag runs out of room so allowing them to share the load can be a big help. 

Tip #5 Feed the Kids Before Going to Dinner

This sounds strange but hang with us! Nothing can ruin dinner at a restaurant quite like long lines and delays when the kids are starving. So, we feed our kids before we head out to dinner and order them a dessert to share while the adults eat. This way they're still eating with us, we spend less money and no one gets hangry. Win! 


Let's be honest, we know these tips won't completely eliminate the stress of traveling with toddlers and you will most likely sweat profusely but it's FINE...hopefully you'll never see those people again 😉